Command line arguments

This section documents all the command line arguments available.


  • -c, --config <config-file> Sets a custom config file location. The default is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/peertube-viewer-rs/config.toml or $HOME/.config/peertube-viewer-rs/config.toml

  • --search-engine <api> search engine to be used to used (default is

  • -i, --instance <instance> instance to be browsed. The search will be made using this instance, and all API request will go through this instance.

  • -p, --player <player> player to play the videos with

  • --chandle <handle> list the videos of a channel from its handle (ex:

  • --player-args <player-args>... arguments to be passed to the player

  • --torrent-downloader <torrent-downloader> choose the torrent software to download the videos with

  • --torrent-downloader-args <torrent-downloader-arguments> arguments to be passed to the torrent downloader

The videos are played with the command: player <player-args> <url>. This is the same with the torrent when --use-torrent is specified.


  • -s, --select-quality When playing a video with this option, the user will be prompted to chose the video quality quality prompt

  • -t, --trending will start browsing trendings videos. If an initial query is passed with it, it will be ignored

  • --channels Search channels instead of videos

  • --local Only browse videos hosted on the instance you are connected to

  • --tag-nsfw Tag nsfw results. This is the default behavior. This flag is only useful to override the config file

  • --block-nsfw Block nsfw search results

  • --let-nsfw Don't tag nsfw results

  • --print-default-config prints the default confing to stdout and exit This is useful to get started on a config file. See configuration for more details

  • --print-full-example-config print an example of all possible config options and exit

  • --use-torrent will download the video via the torrent downloader instead of playing it. This requires a torrent downloader to be set (either via the corresponding option or in the configuration file)

  • --use-raw-urls the url to the video file will be passed to the player instead of the url to the web interface to watch it. It may be necessary for players without native support for PeerTube such as vlc. Some players (ex : mpv) may be able to show the video title in their interface if this option isn't used.

  • --color force coloring of output if it is disabled in the config file

  • --no-color remove coloring of output

  • -h, --help Prints help information

  • -V, --version Prints version information

Initial query

It is possible to launch peertube-viewer-rs with a query.

For example, peertube-viewer-rs mastodon will launch peertube-viewer-rs and immediately search for mastodon. It is also possible to set the instance that way: peertube-viewer-rs mastodon will search for mastodon videos on the instance

You can also play a single video with its url: peertube-viewer-rs will play the video.