When launching peertube-viewer-rs you will be prompted to enter a search. search_prompt

You can then enter a search and will be displayed the results with:

  • the name of the video
  • the name of the channel
  • the host instance
  • the duration of the video
  • the view count of the video
  • the time since the video was posted
  • a nsfw tag for video tagged as such

The white/bold results are those that you have already been watched. select_prompt

You can either play one of the results by typing its ID or get more results with :n next

At any moment you can quit with :q

Here is a list of all the command that can be ran during a session:

  • :q quit (ctrl-D and ctrl-C have the same effect)
  • :n get more results for the same search or get more trending results when browsing trending
  • :p go back to the previous results (the opposite of :n)
  • :trending start browsing trending results
  • :channels <query> search channels by name
  • :chandle list videos from a channel
  • :info <id> give information on the current item (channel or video)
  • :comments <id> Lists the comments of a video
  • :browser <id> Open an item in the browser
  • :help get help